Top 10 Tips Before Moving Your Parents To Assisted Living

Top tips for Transitioning To Assisted Living

We all know the feeling of moving to a new home can be quite frightening for our loved ones specially if they are used to seeing the same thing and doing the same routine every day.

Prior Moving

When the time comes and agreed that it's time to transition to an assisted living there are several ways you can prepare your parents so that its not too overwhelming and not shock them at the same time which may cause them to get upset and even angry.

Finding The Right Community

First decide how far you are willing to travel to visit mom. Distances can make or break if you are visiting your loved ones enough.  You can also use to search for local assisted living facilities and make sure they meet your requirements, such as diet, activities, staff to patient ratio and budget, just to name a few.  You do also want to visit the facility and ask the staff questions to get to know their friendliness and cleanliness or their routines.  Not all assisted living facilities run the same way at a micro level. When you are touring the facility in person, observe for any odors the minute you walk in, how well lit the rooms are and look around and see if the residents look content in their environment.  Also, it is the best time to tour a facility during lunch hours and see what kind of menu they serve.  If it's just mostly canned meals, it's probably most likely a bad  be a good sign. Make sure the caregivers speak English and are properly groomed, as that is a reflection of how well they take care of their residents. 

More Resources

We would like to refer you to the following assisted living communities here in Temecula that we have partnered with. We wouldn't partner with them if they didn't have the same standards we have.